November Nine (Two Thousand Seventeen)

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“This morning I woke up to a different world.” A phrase I kept repeating in my head. I read it somewhere this morning while walking my daily route towards the train station. It was written by a woman taken by surprise. Taken by surprise because, the world turned a little darker overnight. Most of all because we, humanity, let it. It was not just her who was overwhelmed by the news that was brought to us this morning.

Last week I watched ‘Before The Flood’, a documentary devoted to climate change. It got to me, the way environmental problems often get to me. I cried watching Greenland melt, the fauna in the Antarctic’s dying and the forests in Indonesia being burned to the ground. First I realised that my children are most likely never to see a polar beer. Then I cried because of the ignorance a big part of humanity is known for nowadays. When this scene finished and it all sank in I cried again, because I’m part of that humanity.

Back to the documentary. The way it portrayed America as a mass polluter. Something assumed to be true given the fact they’re the worlds largest consumers of nuclear energy, beef and oil. It gave me chills listening to their continuous attempt to deny the problem was on us people. The way they called the Scientific proof for climate change pure lies. Closing their eyes for something that might be the end of the nation they’re clapping for so loudly.

No matter what we do and how hard we try there’s always a part of us that’s blind. Not for the problems around us or the way they’re caused. We’re blind for the solution. They’re clear even manageable. So why can’t we see them? Or can we and we’re just not willing? It’s easy to point fingers and it’s easy to live a life you’re used to. Only realise the life we’re living now has an expiring date stuck to it.

All of this brings me back to this morning. When I woke up to the news that Donald J. Trump is elected new president of the Unites States of America. Reading it my stomach turned. It’s sad to see one of the biggest nations in the world electing a president who neglects real problems. A man who stands for narcissism, sexism, racism and who’s blinded by dollars. It’s sad to listen to a speech claiming an economic masterplan will be Americas saviour. That not even a single sentence is devoted to social equality, safety and mass pollution by industry. It’s sad to see people who claim to be forgotten forget what it’s all about. Seeing people dwell over money and so called potential.

Once again proving to be ignorant and arrogant. Now it seems like I’m speaking to America alone. To be honest, yes, they make the perfect example. Unfortunately, no, I wish they were the only problem. If that was the case, we wouldn’t be worrying about the atmosphere being thin as paper. Worrying about extreme violence causing populations to burn and suffer. Worrying about racism dividing countries and pushing equality even further. Worrying about diseases and plagues.

Worrying about the world.